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These are the shows that I have located from 2018 - This is all I have from those records

2019 Results












2020 Meeting notes  Meeting started at 9:04

Went over awards and the changes to format for 2020.  5 shows required and 4D format. 1D, 2D, 3D, 5D: (4D) for awards.  Compared other districts all stay with the 4D layout. 

Sponsors are greatly needed and if every member brings in a sponsor we would be able to keep 5D format.  

A question was possed to lower award fees to add to payout monies.  This is under review and again if you want awards--- money is required. 

I have a few raffles planned that will assist with awards money and Youth will continue with fundraisers. 

As director I am trying to look outside the box but I am not the only one in the district that should be assisting with this. 

I had 5 members bring in sponsors. for awards this year.

Top question of the year was related to points with 5D layout.  

Awards banquet and cost - do we want to keep banquet.  Yes 

After meeting question concerning Senior entries and awards being deleted.  Keep points for standings for world only. This will be reviewed before the next show.

2019 meeting started at 9:00

Reviewed District and my plan to learn how to get shows and addeded money

We need added money and sponspors

Went over member book and how it should be used.

Gave out the bagies with inspirational team for 2019

Arena book to track times

new stand for registration

Featured rider and nominations

Our 2019 Sponsors: 

Equine Repoduction of Central Florida

Hickling Feed

Winner's Circle Equine: Dr. Marcus Harden

Jopp's Tack

Blue Creek Photography

Dean and Priscilla Feller

Wayne's Grading Service

Better Baracades

Bemer: Wanda Hinson

Luznar Feed

Volusia Feed

High Ridge Farm and Ranch Supply

Pink Fox Photography

2021 Pewee will remain at the beginning and we will review how awards will be earned.  No more 1D, 2D this year